Google has released an updated version of Chrome 20, fixing three high-risk security vulnerabilities. The update comes just two weeks after Google released Chrome 20, which included patches for 20 bugs.

Google’s release schedule for Chrome is the most frequent of any of the major browser vendors, and the company already is preparing to relase its next major version, Chrome 21. Google unveiled a beta version of Chrome 21 on Tuesday and the major addition in that release will be the fully sandboxed version of Adobe Flash. 

In this interim release, Google has patched three security flaws, all of which are rated as high risks. Chrome users should upgrade their browsers as soon as possible.

The security bugs the company fixed in Chrome 20 are:

  • [$1000] [129898] High CVE-2012-2842: Use-after-free in counter handling. Credit to miaubiz.
  • [$1000] [130595] High CVE-2012-2843: Use-after-free in layout height tracking. Credit to miaubiz.
  • [133450] High CVE-2012-2844: Bad object access with JavaScript in PDF. Credit to Alexey Samsonov of Google.

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