Hidden Apple iOS 5 Autocorrect Keyboard Bar Found by Researcher

In the month since Apple’s release of iOS 5, a handful of features and workarounds have been found hidden beneath the mobile operating system’s surface. A few days ago, another feature was added to that list – an autocorrect keyboard bar.

iOS 5In the month since Apple’s release of iOS 5, a handful of features and workarounds have been found hidden beneath the mobile operating system’s surface. A few days ago, another feature was added to that list – an autocorrect keyboard bar.

According to 9to5Mac, the “Android-like” feature allows users to pick from a series of word choices. Activating the feature does not require a jailbreak. The discovery is being credited to Sonny Dickson, a self-described iOS developer and hacker, who offers the following advice for enabling the feature:

1. Download iBackupBot

2. Backup your iPhone/iPod in iTunes

3. Open iBackupBot and find the backup, then load it.

4. Find Library/Preferences/com.apple.keyboard.plist and open the file. (if your software isn’t registered you’ll have to press cancel and then it will open)

5. Add in the following code: <key>KeyboardAutocorrectionLists</key><string>YES</string>

6. Save your modifications, and then restore from backup from within iBackupbot.

Apple’s exact plans for the feature remain a source of speculation.

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