Home of Outed Alleged LulzSec Member Raided in Ohio

News reports say the FBI has raided a home in Hamilton, Ohio as part of an investigation of LulzSec, the group responsible for a string of attacks on prominent targets in recent months. 

News reports say the FBI has raided a home in Hamilton, Ohio as part of an investigation of LulzSec, the group responsible for a string of attacks on prominent targets in recent months. 

Local media reports said the home, located on Jackson Road in Hamilton, Ohio, was the residence of a teenager who is believed to have played a role in the hacks of U.S. and British government Web sites. Though the teen is not named, a source with knowledge of the operation told Threatpost that he believes it is the individual who used the name m_nerva – one of two LulzSec members outed by the group last week in retaliation for leaking records of online chats involving top LulzSec members.

The FBI executed the sealed warrant on a house on Jackson Road in St. Claire Township on June 27th, according to Michael Brooks, a Special Agent in the FBI’s Cincinnatti, Ohio. Brooks declined to comment on any details of the search or the content of the sealed indictment, but said no criminal charges had yet been filed in the case. 

The search is just the latest in a series of law enforcement actions against members of the shadowy, anarchic group, which has been on a high profile hacking spree since April. Last week, FBI agents searched the home of an Iowa woman and questioned her about her contacts to the group. On June 20, a joint operation between the FBI and UK authorities led to the arrest in Essex, United Kingdom, of 19 year-old Ryan Cleary on June 20

Cleary is believed to have been a high ranking member of LulzSec, a splinter group that broke off from the Anonymous hacking collective. He is believed to have operated IRC (Internet Relay Chat) servers used by the group to communicate. 
In the wake of his arrest there was a split within the ranks of LulzSec, with the group’s core leadership releasing personally identifying information (or “doxing”) two associates, who used the names “m_nerva” and “hann,” according to documents posted online by LulzSec members. Those documents identified m_nerva, who also used the online handles “cimx” and “rq42” as a “Marshal Webb” from Hamilton, Ohio. A source with knowledge of the investigation confirmed for Threatpost that m_nerva was the target of the raid. 

Disgruntled LulzSec members alleged that m_nerva was involved in the hack of online gaming firm Eidos Interactive in May, though reporting on that hack at the time and a chat log created during the hack and leaked to the press cast doubt on whether he really was part of the group that attacked the company, defaced its Web page and made off with information on job applicants and the company’s source code

Once an enigma, LulzSec’s membership is now mostly a matter of public record, as a series of documents identifying its core leadership have made their way onto the public Internet. In addition to the arrest of Cleary, recent reports claim to finger a LulzSec IRC administrator who used the handle Power2all. Recent reports have put a name to LulzSec’s leader and founding member, who uses the handle “Sabu,” as well. In March, another splinter group, using the name Backtrace Security, published a document that it claimed identified the leadership of the larger group, Anonymous, including many individuals who would go on to start LulzSec. 

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  • Anonymous on

    Anonymous has no leadership. Anonymous is legion. Anonymous is legion. We are legion. We are Anonymous. Fear us.

  • Anonymous on

    lol nabbin peeps just for werin a tophat again?

  • Anonymous on

    Leadership?  You're still not getting it! 

  • Anonymous on

    Sure these hacker groups have some skills, but most are just angry rejects who have finally found a medium to feel important.  

    Surprisingly, just like the jocks in High School, their self importance inflates their egos to the point where they become a menace to others.

    Everyone wants to feel important, we get it.


    LOL, for those who don’t know, in early 2010 ETA crew had recruited this guy to work with us On a few projects,  it was apparent he had some degree of technical talent and ability, but somewhere along the line he decided to ignore our advice against his illicit activities and he tried take over some of our systems behind our backs, planting malware, ect, of course we caught him and we fired his ass. So we waited a few months, setup some honeypots, eventually ETA members were able to obtain keylogs of many of his sensitive credentials. We were able to dox him in early 2010, hell if I knew he was connected to the lulzsec shit I would have maybe said something sooner, lol, our affiliates  obtained images,sensitive personal log ins, his email and social media accounts ect. , and we were able shut down his little bot net which he was very upset about. When he was out of options, he ran to Wesley Mcgrew and snitched, lol, so Im not surprised to see him snitching here, or stabbing people in the back either, kind of amusing to see him get raided tho.  lol, that’s what he gets for being a two faced trick ass bitch.

    For those who don’t know here are some of his street cred.

    Heys gay with ytCracker, they are practically ghey lovers, they hang out in irc, and swap bodily fluids
    Marshall Webb thinks hes a “dg” and hes an active groupie of spamtec

    Carding-Marshall Webb is a Petty Thief

    Hes responsible for the following ddos attacks

    Twitter 2010

    Stickam 2010

    Rick Ross 2010

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