Dennis Fisher talks with Chris Wysopal of Veracode about his journey from a teenage BBS user to member of the L0pht to respected security researcher. Known as Weld Pond since his days at the L0pht, Chris also discussed his time at @stake and how the L0pht’s road trip to DC to testify before Congress almost went very wrong.

Download: 02_chris_wysopal.mp3


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  1. H4zzmatt

    OMG, the audio quality of this is absolutely abominable. Come on Threat Post you can’t afford $100 for a decent microphone? Get off Skype and your built in laptop Mic and be proffesional podcast. Its not like you a 12 year old kid in your moms basement. 

  2. radarEMT

    How about the need to have Flash to view this content.  Seems a bit counter to to resent day security concerns?




  3. Anonymous

    Great story but to bad the quality is crap. what a dissapointment Threatpost.

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