Install April Windows 8.1 Update If You Want Security Patches

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Microsoft announced it will no longer ship security fixes to users that failed to install the update for Windows 8.1 that was packaged with the April Patch Tuesday release.

In a bizarre and somewhat befuddling move, Microsoft announced yesterday on its Technet blog that it would no longer provide security updates to users running out-of-date versions of Windows 8.1. In order to receive updates, customers will have to have updated their machines with the most recent Windows 8.1 Update, which the company pushed out in April.

Microsoft recently released a fairly large update for Windows 8.1. Users who installed the update (or have their updates installed automatically) and even users that never updated to 8.1 in the first place will continue to receive updates. However, users running older versions of Windows 8.1 will not receive any security updates moving forward. If they attempt to install an update, they will receive a message informing them that the update is “not applicable.”

Users running Windows 7 or Vista are not affected by this announcement. Users running Windows XP are no longer eligible for security updates either since Microsoft’s long-awaited cessation of support for the more-than-12-year-old operating system became official in April.

It’s not clear whether this decision is to become a precedent for future update cycles.

“Since Microsoft wants to ensure that customers benefit from the best support and servicing experience and to coordinate and simplify servicing across both Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.1 RT and Windows 8.1, this update will be considered a new servicing/support baseline,” wrote Steve Thomas, a senior consultant at Microsoft.

Thomas goes on to explain that users who install updates manually will have 30 days to install the Windows 8.1 update from April. Beginning with the May Patch Tuesday, any Windows 8.1 devices that have not installed the update will no longer receive security updates.

The move is even more of a head-scratcher considering the trouble many users have reportedly faced while attempting to install that April update. Microsoft even references the troubles the patch has presented, saying:

“Microsoft plans to issue an update as soon as possible that will correct the issue and restore the proper behavior for Windows 8.1 Update KB 2919355 scanning against all supported WSUS configurations. Until that time, we are delaying the distribution of the Windows 8.1 Update KB 2919355 to WSUS servers.”

Despite its promise to cut off support for out-of-date versions of Windows 8.1, the company has little choice but to “recommend that you suspend deployment of this update in your organization until we release the update that resolves this issue.”

Threatpost has reached out to Microsoft for clarification and will update this story with any comment.

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  • Rob on

    And there's the minor little issue that it doesn't cleanly apply to some computers. After several tries and scans for issues, it still refuses to install for me. Looks like some files may be missing from the package as far as I can tell.
    • Hyena on

      Well if you haven't already, I'd recommend taking it to a store that people will look at it for ya, like Fry's Electronics if you got one of those where you live :U
  • Bill on

    I wonder how Microsoft can just drop support on software that they just sold. How am I supposed to know which 8.1 I have. I have used Linux for the last 5 years. I had a case of the dumb-butt and purchased a computer with windows 8.1. I guess I will never learn.
    • Brian Donohue on

      Frankly, I was a bit confused about that myself. However, if you have automatic updates turned on, then you won't be affected. If you don't receive auto-updates, then now is probably a good time to make sure you have the most recent set of patches installed.
  • Alice on

    My lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is currently (i believe)installing this update at the moment. However, it is taking an unusually long time and i don't know if this is normal.

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