Linking Policy

Web sites may include links to Threatpost content, as long as that content is available free of charge / free of registration to the general public on your site, under the following conditions:

  • The content continues to reside on Threatpost and is not copied to appear on your site.
  • The link opens to a full, non-framed browser window that sends traffic to Threatpost.
  • When linking to a specific Threatpost article, you use our headline for the article and a summary of no more than four sentences.
  • Threatpost is credited along with the link on your site.
  • Please use our search engine, available at the top of any page, to quickly find links to relevant articles.

Threatpost reserves the right to request that links be removed from a site if we deem they are not in our corporate interests.

If you wish to post Threatpost content, in its entirety on your own site, you need to obtain a syndication partnership agreement.  To learn more about our syndication partnerships, please call Susan Cardoza, General Manager, 781-503-2659 or email,