In this video, Aza Raskin of Mozilla demonstrates a new class of phishing attack in which the attacker is able to use malicious code in one browser tab to completely change the content in another tab on a victim’s browser.

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  1. Anonymous

    I think this scam exists because today I opened two tabs.  One for my Yahoo mail and the other was a banking one.  When I finished with online banking, I switched over to my Yahoo tab.  I couldn’t remember if I had logged out or not, but the login page looked different.


    Usually there is a padlock picture just above the login area.  This time, there was a shield picture which look unfamiliar.  The URL also looked much longer and different from usual.  Luckily, having been made aware of the scam (just today, in fact), I retyped the URL to the homepage, and proceeded to the login page – which returned back to what I expected.  This is a worrying scam, and so easy to fall prey to.

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