F-Secure AndroidAndroid devices have remained a constant target of attacks over the last quarter thanks in part to new variants from the FakeInst and OpFake families of malware. According to the latest version of the F-Secure Mobile Threat Report, the firm found 5033 malicious Android application packages (APKs), a 64 percent increase over the 3063 the firm identified in the first quarter of 2012.

The report (.PDF) says that out of the 5000+ APKs analyzed, 19 new families of malware and 21 new variants of previously known families were found. Much like Q1, when 84 percent of the malware found was a Trojan, 81 percent of the variants found in Q2 were Trojans.

One of those variants, a new version of OpFake, a strain of Android malware that sends SMS texts to premium numbers, was found last month fully integrated with a copy of Opera’s Mini browser. Another SMS Trojan, FakeInst, infects systems in a similar way and according to F-Secure can be classified as being in the same family as OpFake due in part to the way they avoid detection. Over the last few months the malware strains have become harder to detect, according to this graphic from the report:

The report also discloses several new methods of infection Android malware has employed over the last several months, including instances where malware is triggered by a drive by download and uses Twitter as a bot.

For more Android malware statistics from the last three months, find F-Secure’s full report here. (.PDF)

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  1. Anonymous

    Another clear example of googles total disregard for privacy, security, and people at large! NO security, NOTHING! Just a massive open season on anyones personal information. They drive around scanning for WIFI routers and try to hack in to streal anything and everything they can get their grubby hands on! [In my opinion] When caught, they claimed it was “colateral information”! If you swallow this, you totally deserve what you will get!

    Now comes Googles Android operating system. The “Mother” of all spyware, stealware, hackware, rape the user ware of all time!!! The unbridled marketing heaven of all OS’…; and you can do NOTHING to stop it! [In my opinion]

    And, to top off this disgrace, today they announce your “GMAIL” is now subject to their Google search software! Opt in, for now.

    The article above is another blistering indictment of the apparent total dysfunction (as it applies to security and junk controll) of the Android OS. Yes, I have an Android Tablet. What a colossal mistake that was…

  2. Anonymous

    That was my e-mail sent in part to Google in 2009 when androids first came out, with cell carriers all creating a third party system to create new cell: “SMART PHONES”. hahaha

    Here is a reality check Google, is the primary search engine needed requiring gmail accounts to operate.

    Note no sales assistance from carriers, or Google set-up security options to make creator aware of security risk. That is if new creator wishes to know all and where to not make there account such potential target.

    Ohh! That’s right there is no security for the data, gmail server for cell phones. For until late 2010 where there even marketed options for secuirty apps that would protect such sync networks.

    There was a story which I was quick to make multiple copies of from C-Net, in regaurds to Google coming out and admitting three personal computers from public personal computers.

    Where used as hackers back door network, enventually tracing back to China. attacked network by using the sync of contacts and Facebook with black mailer synced contacts.

    Attempting to report this to dozens of agencies even at Federal level, the exact response was, ” your a citizen you dont matter only protection to businesses”, three times attempted. Why them for every agency even local authorities pointed that direction.

    Google in the C-net article put over a couple dozen others under bus, after admitting there North Texas server had over 1/2 data stolen and they have no idea what.

    Why many copies of story where printed, one large cell carrier in weeks after purchased C-Net and killed story.

    Smart phones are vuneriable due to wifi, radio waves which are barely to never detected, but blue tooth allow from anywhere in wolrd access with full control over-ride. Any laptop mauel discloses these facts in the first few pages, “Toshiba”, the source of read facts.

    2012 our goverment since this had decreased the funding for technology research, and measures to create a some what more secure network.

    Due to the lack of leadership and ability to work in a common goal to protect the nations defense, banking, personal info, manufacturing, research, and technology based companies. 

    Note there is not a lack of effort but the inability to pass a simple protection law into effect. The bills can’t be presented without adding rediculous amendments which cause immediate denial.

    Great that so many new apps have been created to help such a real life nightmare. Sad that foriegn countires have 1,000 of trained cyber attackers with soul goal of theft.

    American Dream / American nightmare


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