Podcast: Breaking Down the Magecart Threat (Part One)

credit card payment

In the first part of our podcast series, we talked to Rapid7’s chief data scientist about how Magecart has changed.

Threatpost editor Lindsey O’Donnell talks to Rapid7’s Chief Data Scientist, Bob Rudis, about the dangers that the Magecart group poses when it comes to e-commerce websites. Magecart, a financially motivated cyberattack group made up of several smaller gangs, has been behind recent payment-card breaches at TicketMaster, British Airways and VisionDirect, among many others. In this podcast, Rudis discusses how the threat group has evolved since it first emerged in 2015, and what could be next.

Direct download available here.

This is the first in a series of three podcasts featuring an in-depth discussion of the Magecart threat group. Stay tuned for part two next week.

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