Podcast: Emotet Grows With Fast-Evolving Tactics

Silhouette Trojan Horse Structure at Troy in Turkey with Lens Effects

Threatpost discusses the future of the Emotet banking trojan with Cylance.

The Emotet banking trojan has been popping up in the news for years: It has a long history, starting with widespread malspam infections of banking German targets in 2014, all the way up to the crippling ransomware attack that hit the Onslow Water and Sewer Authority in October.

And while the increasingly prevalent Emotet malware first emerged targeting banking credentials, over the past year researchers have called out the trojan for changing its tactics – and its targets. Sig Murphy, consulting director for Western North America at Cylance, says that this evolution will continue in 2019.

The Threatpost Podcast sat down with Murphy to talk about the Emotet threat and what’s next.

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