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Podcast: Why Identity Access Management is the New Perimeter

DivvyCloud discusses the changing nature of identity access management (IAM) – and what kind of challenges and opportunities that is creating for businesses.

With the proliferation of cloud in enterprise environments, the concept of “identity” today is very different than how it used to be. Threatpost host Cody Hackett talks to┬áBrian Johnson, CEO and co-founder of DivvyCloud by Rapid7, about how identity access management (IAM) is rapidly changing – and how businesses can keep up.

“Traditionally IAM has been about ensuring that a person that has access to cloud is authenticated and provided permissions, and they as a person can access whatever they need to access. Today’s world with cloud… there is another element, and that is the resources themselves, they are granted permissions to do something, so you now have a new entity that has access,” Johnson said.

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