Real-Time, Interactive Map Tracks Global Cyber Threats

Cyber Threat Real Time Map

An recently published interactive infographic illustrates cyber threats in real time as detected by the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN).

Information security has become a global problem, and getting a handle on the scope of the threats to users is a difficult task. A new interactive infographic illustrates a variety of cyber threats in real time, as detected by the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN).

The threats are broken down by type into six categories: on-access scans (OAS), on-demand scans (ODS), web antivirus (WAV), mail antivirus (MAV), intrusion detections systems (IDS), and vulnerability scans (VUL). Users can view the statistics for each of these types of threats globally or per country, by clicking on individual countries within the map.

The graphic essentially represents a real-time painting of threats detected by the millions of users and partners around the world that have opted into the company’s distributed infrastructure of threat-intelligence data gathering.

More specifically, threats in the OAS category are those that are triggered when an antivirus program begins scanning malicious objects in the open, run, copy, or save operations. The ODS sub-system is triggered when a user manually scans for and finds a virus. The WAV category contributes to the map when security systems detects a new malicious Web object. The MAV type constitutes those threats that are detected by scanners within user-email systems. When programs detect malicious objects within the network stack, the IDS sub-system is triggered. And the VUL category lights up when a separate vulnerability-based module finds malware targeting known bugs.

Beyond the types of threats detected on a per-country basis, map-viewers can also see where each country ranks in terms of the number of infections detected there. Right now, Russia, Vietnam, India, the United States, and Germany make up the top five most-infected countries in the world. China (6), Indonesia (7), France (8), Kazakhstan (9), and Ukraine (10) round out the rest of the world’s top 10 most-infected country’s per Kaspersky Lab data.


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