Anonymous The shadowy online collective Anonymous said it will step up attacks on those it believes are responsible for persecuting Bradley Manning, the U.S. Army private who is currently being held on suspicion of leaking classified military documents.

The announcement, by the group’s public spokesman, Barrett Brown, appeared on the Web site The Daily Kos on Thursday. Brown said the new campaign, dubbed #opbradley, is a response to the filing of new charges against Manning on Wednesday, including a including a possible capital offense: aiding the enemy.

campaign – one of a flurry announced by the group in recent weeks, will
be a “supplement” to ongoing campaigns against the firm Palantir, which
was a business partner of an earlier Anonymous target, HBGary, and
#anonleaks, the group’s Website that allows visitors to search the
HBGary e-mail archive.

Read more at The Daily Kos.

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  1. Anonymous

    Bradley Manning’s sole job as a U.S. Army junior intelligence analyst in a war zone was to support his fellow soldiers who were under fire. If his actions did not do that, then his actions were wrong.

    Anybody who has actually “served” knows that. He deserves to be punished on that basis alone.

    Bradley Manning volunteered to become part of a particular military mission. If he was unable to perform his duties in good conscience, there were many ways to exit the military. None are available to him now. What a waste of a young life.

  2. Anonymous

    Waste, maybe.  But Bradly’s book will be a bestseller, and he could capitalize on celebrity in other ways if he chooses.  Everyone wants to know why, what his thinking was.  Maybe retirement funds are stashed for him. 

    This is a weird case.  Before material was published, it was submitted to our government for it to censor whatever it wanted to.  Personally, I wonder whether there was a charge for that, and whether, having been forced to pay, the culprits in governments are truly … shall we say annoyed? … and ‘out to get’ the boy.

  3. Anonymous

    Manning is a classic whistleblower, driven by conscience.  Perhaps his choice of career could have been better…


  4. Anonymous

    To the post above – no way! we need more Bradley Manning’s in the service, we need more whistleblowers. Down with the corrupt and greedy.

  5. Anonymous

    So glad I never joined the military. I refuse to enable or participate in war crimes and wars of aggression to benefit other people’s bank accounts.

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