Washington D.C., U.S.

Washington D.C., U.S.

Go to Shmoo. Enjoy yourself at Shmoo. But for God’s sake, just don’t ask anyone at Shmoo who they work for. This D.C. based hacking
con, now in its seventh year, is lousy with spooks and other assorted hackers in the employ of Uncle Sam. The show was started and took its name from security think tank The
Shmoo Group. That group’s founder, Bruce Potter, is the point man for Shmoo,
where top notch security talks take place in an atmosphere that can only be
described as “zany.” Attendees are armed with Shmooballs, which can then be
used to pelt presenters and “facilitate a frank and open discussion of
opinions.” Nuff said.

(Photos via RobotSkirts / drewgstephens Flickr photostream)

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