VIEW SLIDESHOW Fair Game: 12 Months, 10 Eye-Popping Hacks Targeting Some Of the Globe’s Biggest Gaming Firms

The past year has seen a sharp increase in attacks aimed at online gaming platforms and game makers. In fact, there was a point last summer, in the wake of Sony’s Playstation Network outage, when it seemed like no video game company was safe from hackers – whether they be ideologically motivated groups like Lulzsec or run-of-the-mill cyber crooks.

Despite the flurry of recent activity – including hacks against the uber-popular Diablo III game this week – attacks on video game systems are nothing new. To give you some perspective, we decided to take a look back at the past 12 months in breaches and security issues affecting video game companies and their consoles.

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  1. nepenthe

    i just ordered diablo 3 few days ago, lil bit concerned about the safety of my items and gold when i start to play.

    hundreds of hours of grinding has a real value. 😛

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