Streamlining Patch Management: Expert Advice

Webinar examines challenges in patch management and offers solutions to streamline the process.

Patch management has been a song of constant sorrows for system administrator. There have been improvements. But still, 80 percent of enterprise systems feature unpatched CVE vulnerabilities, according CA Veracode’s State of Software Security.

The good news is, software patching has gotten better over time. The bad news is, the complexity of the enterprise has grown twice as much over the same time period. Today, the biggest challenge facing an enterprise administrator isn’t just patching, it’s what to patch and where to patch inside their multi-location network.

But there is hope. A host of patch management best practices and tools guarantee to help with the process and protect your data, applications and network.

In this archived webinar, from July 24, 2019, patching experts Todd Schell, senior product manager, security, for Ivanti; Tyler Reguly, manager of security R&D, for Tripwire; and Jimmy Graham, senior directory, vulnerability management, for Qualys, are joined by Threatpost editor Tom Spring to discussion streamlining patch management and offer patching advice, tips and tricks.

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Streamlining patch management

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