The Texas Ransomware Attacks: A Gamechanger for Cybercriminals

Security researchers worry that this weekend’s coordinated attacks on more than 20 Texas governments mark a change in how ransomware attacks will be launched in the future.

Texas officials have been left scrambling after up to 22 Texas entities – the majority of which are local governments – were hit by a coordinated ransomware attack on Friday. So far, these include the cities of Borger and Keene, and Texas officials say the attacks are all connected and carried out by a single threat actor

Further details are slim regarding the ransomware attacks, which began on the morning of Aug. 16 – but what we do know is that the attack is the first of its kind. They were coordinated – as opposed to a hacker targeting a single “opportunity.” Allan Liska , threat intelligence analyst with Recorded Future talks to Threatpost about how last week’s cyberattacks showcase a potential shift in how future ransomware attacks will be launched.

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  • Jeff H on

    This clearly shows the lack of knowledge and skills of the IT in government positions. As a CISSP I am astounded daily at how lowly skilled these workers are yet receive paychecks in the hundreds of thousands of dollars from taxpayer monies. The people in those cities need to march down to city hall and demand firings!
  • djfranz on

    It's easy to criticize. Criticism is destructive. It is better to give a choice, otherwise we fall into speculation and mediocrity.
  • anonymous-ish on

    The podcast would've been better without the female speaker. She doesn't sound knowledgable on the subject and she's repeating what guy says. So irritating and stupid that I couldn't continue to listen.
  • Anonymous on

    I'm also a CISSP and I also want to demand firings.
  • Anonymous on

    As another CISSP I know that having a CISSP doesn't actually mean you know anything so it probably isn't worth bragging about.
    • Anonymous on

      Firings. Demand them.
  • Anonymous on

    Hey guys, can we just agree to some firings?
  • Anthony on

    Ransomware creators and other cyber criminals involved in the malware economy are remorseless. They’ve automated their attacks to the point of targeting anyone and everyone.

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