Mike Mimoso, Tom Spring, and Chris Brook recap 2016’s biggest news stories, including the proliferation of IoT botnets, the rise of ransomware, the FBI vs. Apple battle, Yahoo, and a rash of old password breaches.

Download: Threatpost_2016_Year_in_Review.mp3
Music by Chris Gonsalves


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  1. Robbie Miler

    What a great way to review the entire year. I have been back to work today and I have been tirelessly reading through dull year reviews. It was a breathe of fresh air being able to sit back and listen to yours. It sounds like it was an interesting year and I wish you all the best moving into 2017.

  2. Karen Bannan for IDG and HP

    Great review! Couldn’t sit through the entire 42 minute podcast, but loved what I heard. Agree that 2016 was tough, but I don’t think things will get better until people start making good moves when it comes to security. For instance, in many organizations much of the infrastructure is left completely untouched. We need to see more governance,ongoing assessments and monitoring to ensure compliance to standards and controls. This must include user account management, compliance to corporate policies, risk management, security documentation, and event logging.

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