Dennis Fisher and Mike Mimoso discuss the Apple OSX and iOS patches, the continuing OpenSSL Heartbleed soap opera and the Verizon DBIR report.

Download: digital_underground_152.mp3


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  1. I don't think the HB Police Dept is helping the community who was affected by the target card hijack. I've received several weird phone calls and seen shadows of boys in my back yard. This is scary and it's important that we get these thugs off the street

    Is the HB Police Dept working to find the ones guilty of the Target Card Security breach? I don’t think so. Someone left an odd message on my telephone yesterday and the HB Police calling me. When I called the HB Police…there was no such phone call made to me. I’ve seen footprints in the dirt of my back yard which faces Talbert. I’m afraid that as a resident I am not protected if the HB or Westminster PD are not taking actions to find the people involved in this horrific crime. For God sake, they have our phone number, our address, and God knows what else

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