Threatpost Poll: Is It Impossible to Secure Mobile Devices?

From spyware to leaky apps, mobile devices are facing a heightened level of threats. Are we prepared to secure them?

Between applications and operating systems, a slew of mobile threats continue to pop up – and when it comes to security, it’s getting harder and harder for enterprises to keep up.

Just in the past week, Apple patched a massive flaw in its FaceTime allowing a bad actor to eavesdrop on victims; while a malicious app that aimed to steal cryptocurrency from users was removed from Google’s official Android App Store.

Are enterprise companies prepared to take on this onslaught of security threats as the workforce becomes increasingly dependent on mobile devices? You can weigh in below with our Threatpost poll.








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  • Jhon s. Sanchez on

    Any person can be used or found your account...
  • R. Lafayette on

    Seems to me that those who get hit the most often and the hardest are apps collectors.
  • eric whitfield on

    To much trust is put in Apple Iphones, nothing is 100% perfect!
  • MStu on

    We've banned Android from the network. It's a mess and can't be secured.
  • Vaad on

    Do you not see the reference to the huge flaw in Apple's FaceTime that allowed one to eavesdrop on supposedly secure communications channels? Apple is not safe either.
  • CDawg on

    Nah dawg it's easy, don't install anything and just is it for making phone calls. Turn off when not in use. Get a BlackBerry.

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