Threatpost Poll: Weigh in on Ransomware Security

ransomware security

Provide your views on ransomware and how to deal with it in our anonymous Threatpost poll.

It’s no secret that ransomware attacks continue to rise – with the number of attacks  jumping by 350 percent since 2018. Healthcare systems have been hit particularly hard over the past year by ransomware actors, with a recent report saying that healthcare organizations have seen a 45 percent increase in cyberattacks since November. But, it’s a scourge affecting all sectors.

Threatpost would like to hear from readers on their experiences with ransomware since 2018 — as well as thoughts on proper defenses, the role of cyberinsurance and what the appropriate courses of action should be in the event of an attack. Weigh in with our poll, below — all answers will be kept anonymous and confidential. The data will be tabulated and used to identify key trends, to be revealed in an upcoming feature.

Thank you for your participation!

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