Turkey Responds to DDOS, Arrests 32 Members of Anonymous

Turkish authorities have arrested 32 members of the hacking group Anonymous according to the country’s state news agency.

Turkish authorities have arrested 32 members of the hacking group Anonymous according to the country’s state news agency.

The suspects were arrested in a dozen cities, including Istanbul and Turkey’s capital, Ankara, according to a press release (in Turkish) from the Anadolu Agency.

The arrests stem from Anonymous’ attacks against some Turkish government sites on Thursday, when the group brought down two well known Turkish sites in a protest against Internet censorship. The Turkish government previously announced its intentions to require ISPs to implement a series of filters by August 22.

The latest arrests come on the heels of Friday’s news that three of the controversial group’s leaders were arrested in Spain in connection with the recent cyber attacks on Sony and other governments and websites. A 16 year-old Dutch youth was taken into custody in December, 2010, for participating in Anonymous-led attacks against Mastercard and Visa over those organizations’ decision to stop processing donations to Wikileaks.

In response to Friday’s arrest, hackers were able to temporarily knock Spain’s national police site offline over the weekend according to a BBC report early Monday.

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  • @sharpesecurity on

    Are we sure this wasn't just 32 people running LOIC from home who didn't take precautions to cloak their IPs?   With the exception of tracking Anonymous member entropy by seeing who scoried 877 on a CCIE exam on 12 Feb 2011 and sabu by IP on hashkiller.com, I am not aware of where Anonymous core members have made any slipups whatsoever.  -- @sharpesecurity

  • Anonymous on

    Seems pretty funny consider Anonymous didn't hack Sony. They did DDoS them at one point, but all hacks are associated with LulzSec. Get the story right next time. LulzSec says they haven't lost any members and are running fine last time I checked. This is one article that seems to have some pretty big problems with it.

  • Anonymous on

    To the above: Maybe you missed this NYT article about how the Spanish police arrested three Anonymous folks on Friday in connection re: the Sony attacks. That would include the DDoS/cyberattacks.

    Lulzsec was responsible for Sony Pictures.


  • Anonymous on

    This article stinks more of rounding up dissidents to a corrupt government instead of putting away actual cyber criminals. If they were smart enough to hack into a government server, they would be smart enough not to plaster their IP all over the place. @sharpesecurity is right on the money, except the whole leaders and core members of a leaderless group part.
  • Anonymous on

    Verification de mobile

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