Anonymous arrestPolice in the U.K. said on Wednesday that they have arrested a 18-year-old man whom they believe is “Topiary,” one of the more public members of the Anonymous and LulzSec hacking groups. The arrest, which was carried out by the Metropolitan Police Service’s Police Central eCrime Unit, is part of the agency’s ongoing investigation into the two groups’ activities.

This is the latest in a recent series of arrests and legal actions taken by law enforcement agencies in the United States and Europe against suspected members of Anonymous and LulzSec. Authorities in Turkey arrested a group of suspected Anonymous members in June and just last week the FBI arrested 16 suspected Anonymous members. However, the arrests have seemingly done little to slow the groups down. Their attacks have continued apace.

“The man arrested is believed to be linked to an
ongoing international investigation in to the criminal activity of the
so-called “hacktivist” groups Anonymous and LulzSec, and uses the online
nickname “Topiary” which is presented as the spokesperson for the
groups,” the Metropolitan Police said in a statement.

“He was arrested at a residential address in the Shetland Islands and
is currently being transported to a police station in central London. A
search is ongoing at the address.”

The agency said that officers also were questioning a second person, a 17-year-old boy, in connection with the investigation.

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