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Supply-Chain Security: A 10-Point Audit

Interconnected and exposed, most company software supply-chains aren’t prepared for an attack. Hear from experts on how to secure, mitigate and remediate these types of attacks.

Start identifying your supply-chain weaknesses with a 10-point audit outlined in this FREE webinar and listen in as cybersecurity experts pinpoint what went wrong in the SolarWinds attack.

Join DevSecOps expert Derek Weeks, vice president at Sonatype and Dr. David Wheeler, director of open source supply chain security at the Linux Foundation. Hosted by Threatpost’s Becky Bracken, the webinar will give participants to ask Weeks and Wheeler what they see is the biggest supply-chain challenges for companies today and in the near future.

This webinar delivers an actionable list of self-assessment questions to ask yourself and will help clear a path to locking down the software supply-chains you depend on.

Top takeaways:

* A self-directed supply-chain audit
* Best practices for working with third-party suppliers
* Identify adversaries and their preferred backdoors
* How automated security testing tools work in real life

Webinar targets Chief Security Officers and infosec professionals tasked with shoring-up defenses for both asset owners and key supply-chain players.

Whether you are a software developer and or a device manufacturer, the “Supply-Chain Security: A 10-Point Audit” webinar will help you kick-off 2021 on the right cybersecurity foot.

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