Yahoo, Bing Found Directing to Bitcoin Phishing Site

Phishers have managed to poison Bing and Yahoo search results for Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox.

It looks like phishers have started poisoning Bing and Yahoo search results in hopes of duping users of the Bitcoin exchange site into giving away their log-in credentials. reported that both the search engines have been redirecting unsuspecting clickers to – a domain set up two days ago that looks almost identical to The poisoned links are the top search results for  “MtGox.”

It’s not entirely certain what the creators of this site have achieved however. Nothing seems to happen when a name and password are entered on the bogus site, it just causes a site error, as a video below demonstrates.


Bing and Yahoo have since gotten rid of the malicious links and it now appears that Google, which was never directing to the site to begin with, is now blocking the website on its Chrome browser as a phishing website:

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 10.33.07 AM


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