When Gen. Keith Alexander, the director of the National Security Agency and chief of U.S. Cyber Command, agreed to deliver the opening keynote at Black Hat USA 2013, he had no idea that by the time he took the stage many of the NSA’s most secret information-collection programs would be public knowledge, thanks to Edward Snowden. The revelations of the NSA’s PRISM and metadata collection programs by the former agency contractor have sparked a heated conversation in the security community and when Alexander spoke on Wednesday, the crowd was initially cordial and attentive, but soon turned somewhat restive and hostile. While Alexander defended the NSA’s intelligence-gathering efforts and provided examples of how they had led to the disruption of terror attacks in recent years, some people in the audience were uninterested and shouted criticisms and accusations at him. To get the full sense of the scene, watch Alexander’s speech below.


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  1. Ian Schofield

    nobody else has said it so i feel it falls to me to say it.
    he started out by saying he would tell the truth.
    then he went straight into talking about 9/11 being an attack by muslims.
    General, there are waaay to many anomalies with the official story for it EVER to be believable, vapourised titanium as just one instance.
    for you to continue the official line as being accurate, whilst being the man in charge of ‘intelligence’ beggars belief…..arabs could never have diverted the defence forces north and south away from the ‘planned’ attack zone no matter how much money or skill they possessed.
    which leaves me to believe that even though you said you’d tell the truth, i believe you are continuing a lie.
    i stopped watching at that point, is there any reason to hear anything else you have to say?

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