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A former Bank of America employee was sentenced to twenty seven
months in prison after installing software on the bank’s computers that
allowed him to steal thousands of dollars from ATMs, according to an
Associated Press report.Rodney Reed Caverly of Mint Hill, N.C.
was ordered to pay $419,310.90 in restitution, according to the U.S.
Attorney’s office in Charlotte. Caverly, who worked for BOA’s IT
department, plead guilty last year after it was discovered he’d
programmed certain BOA ATMs “to make fraudulent and unauthorized
disbursements of cash.”


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A student at New York’s Rochester Institute of Technology
(RIT) has been arrested for producing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of
fake coupons and posting them to 4chan and other websites.

Lucas Henderson, a 22-year old computer security student
from Lubbock, Texas was charged with wire fraud and trafficking counterfeit
goods when he turned himself into a Rochester, New York federal court on


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Maybe the only thing worse than having the master key to
your company’s incredibly valuable video gaming platform published online by a
brilliant and iconoclastic hacker is having the social networking account for
the fictitious TV personality your company spent millions of dollars creating
forward said master key to his tens of thousands of giddy followers.