Costin Raiu

iPhone Jailbreaking, Greenpois0n and SHAtter Trojans

By Costin RaiuWhen iPhone jailbreaking was declared legal earlier this year, Apple fans from all around the world rejoiced. Sites such as, which allowed for the simple and straightforward jailbreaking of older iPhones, became very popular.

The Rise of the Rogue AV Testers

By Costin RaiuRecently, I was sitting around with a number of colleagues from Kaspersky Lab, discussing everybody’s favorite subject: the state of anti-virus testing these days. During the talks, somebody brought up the name of a new, obscure testing organization in the Far East. Nobody else had ever heard of them and so my colleague Aleks Gostev jokingly called them a “rogue Andreas Marx.”

Why is Apple Meddling With My Windows AutoRun?

Guest editorial by Costin RaiuIn every system designed by man, there is always a balance between features, usability and security. While designing pretty, easy to use and secure systems is possible, quite often this is not what the users get, or, worse, this is not what the users want.