Katie Moussouris

The Time Has Come to Hack the Planet

In this Threatpost Op-Ed, Katie Moussouris explains the significance of the newly free availability of ISO Standard 29147 Vulnerability disclosure, and why it keeps an important dialogue open between hackers and industry.

Partial disclosure: Was it a cat I saw?

By Katie Moussouris, Microsoft
Quite often in our industry, two (or five) people can look at the same problem from different angles, and see radically different things.  Rare is the situation that reads the same to everyone, forwards and backwards.  It’s all about perspective.
In my appearance on the ‘Partial Disclosure Dilemma’ Panel at SOURCEBoston this year, I found myself surrounded by great minds who most certainly do not think alike.  While there was some agreement and common ground between all parties on the dais, namely wanting to make the Internet safer and protecting people, there was little agreement on the best way to accomplish that goal.