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Java: The OSX and Cross-Platform Nightmare

By Roel SchouwenbergFor a few days now I’ve been asking myself the following question: Which is more important: The fact we had a 500k-strong OSX botnet fly under the radar or the culprit that enabled the malware to infect so many machines? Every time the answer is clear – Java has become an absolute focal point in the cyber threat landscape. It plays a major role in attacks against every major platform, including mobile.

Android App Makers Should be Held Accountable

Google’s response to the recent discovery of malicious apps in the Android market place is proof that we’re now entering a new phase in malware mitigation. Can you imagine Microsoft automatically pushing an executable to (part of) its user-base with no opt-out option?

By Roel Schouwenberg, Kaspersky LabAmongst some others the Zeus bot is one of the most prolific bots in
the wild and in the media. Lately there has been quite a few reports on
the aspects surrounding Zeus, such as new research and the Troyak

By Roel Schouwenberg

As a technology enthusiast — or geek — I always enjoy looking into new technologies. Although it’s no longer directly cutting edge, I recently started exploring the wonderful world of Solid State Disks (SSDs).

SSDs may, to some extent, influence how anti-virus (AV) programs use resources on the system and I’ve been curious to see how we can exploit that fact as SSDs are slowly getting more mainstream. Imagine my surprise when I came to the shocking discovery that, under certain circumstances, an SSD may actually perform better during an AV scan than when it’s idle.

Guest editorial by Roel SchouwenbergOver the last few months, there’s been quite a lot of news chatter around Banker Trojans emptying out online bank accounts of small businesses in the U.S. Today, I was reading one of such stories on Brian Krebs’ site.  After reading that story I came across another news item that described booting from an alternative media to experience safe internet banking.

By Roel Schouwenberg
On Tuesday we got another DDoS attack on Twitter. A lot of people are asking why Twitter doesn’t seem to be coping with attacks like these. And at the same time there are more and more people jumping on the bandwagon saying stay away from Adobe products.

By Roel Schouwenberg
As Dancho Danchev pointed out, the BBC leased itself a botnet []. I couldn’t quite believe it when I read it. The BBC, arguably one of the very best TV producers in the world, surely should have known better? There are so many things wrong about this that I hardly know where to start.
Firstly, given their figures, they seem to have spent quite an amount of money purchasing the botnet. Regardless of how much the total sum was, they sponsored the underground economy. Paying money to criminals (for illegal goods) is not only unethical but also considered illegal in most countries. The BBC broke the law right there and then already, not when they actively started using the botnet.