Stefan Tanase

Was the Koobface Expose the Right Move?

By Stefan TanaseJust as a stand-up comedian carefully places his punch line at the end of the joke, I also usually leave my conclusions for the end of a post. Except for this time. This time, I would like to start with the conclusion: For an ongoing investigation not to be jeopardized, it is extremely important that all information related to those being investigated does not become public.

How to Avoid Getting Your Twitter Account Hacked

By Stefan Tanase“All upcoming Guns N’ Roses dates are officially canceled. Please contact your place of purchase for any refunds.”  No Guns N’ Roses fan ever wants to see this text. And especially when it’s published on Axl Rose’s official Twitter account, it’s a guaranteed recipe for disaster. 

By Stefan TanaseAs each day goes by, I see more and more people complaining
when it comes to Facebook and privacy: I’d like to make my friend list private. Cannot. I’d like to have my profile visible only to my friends, not my boss.
Cannot. I’d like to support an anti-abortion group without my mother or the
world knowing. Cannot.

By Stefan TanaseYesterday’s shut down of Troyak-as was definitely good news for the whole IT security community. Seeing cybercriminals getting kicked out from the Internet and then trying to get back inside calls for popcorn and soda.But unfortunately, as some botnets struggle, others stay unaffected: Koobface, for example, which uses compromised legitimate websites as proxies for their main command and control server.

By Stefan Tanase

There are a lot of theories flying around about why Twitter and other
social media services got knocked offline yesterday. I’ve heard rumors
about it being linked to political tension between Georgia and Russia.
Others blame Iran for the outages.