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Attacking ICS Systems ‘Like Hacking in the 1980s’

PUNTA CANA–Here’s how nuts the world of ICS security is: Jonathan Pollet, a security consultant who specializes in ICS systems, was at a Texas amusement park recently and the ride he was waiting for was malfunctioning. The operator told him the ride used a Siemens PLC as part of the control system, so he went[...]


New ‘Mask’ APT Campaign Called Most Sophisticated Yet

Categories: Government, Hacks, Malware

PUNTA CANA–A group of high-level, nation-state attackers has been targeting government agencies, embassies, diplomatic offices and energy companies with a cyber-espionage campaign for more than five years that researchers say is the most sophisticated APT operation they’ve seen to date. The attack, dubbed the Mask, or “Careto” (Spanish for “Ugly Face” or “Mask”) includes a[...]


Attackers Target Yahoo Mail Accounts in ‘Coordinated Effort’ to Own Users

Yahoo officials said Thursday that they have reset the passwords on an unspecified number of mail accounts after detecting what they call a “coordinated effort to gain unauthorized access to Yahoo Mail accounts.”