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Mozilla Implements Do Not Track for Mobile Devices Via Boot to Gecko

As the privacy and tracking debate rages in the desktop arena, Mozilla has made a jump to the mobile world by announcing its new Boot to Gecko project, which will include an implementation of the Do Not Track technology on mobile devices. This is the first such implementation and it will give users the ability to tell mobile sites that they don’t want to be tracked persistently while using the Web from their phones.

SAN FRANCISCO – Companies that are hoping to catch a ride on the mobile wave should pay close attention to the application development firms they choose to work with, unless they want to be saddled with a buggy and insecure albatross bearing their corporate logo, a leading application security expert warns.

Right on cue this week, the anarchic hacking collective Anonymous stepped up and grabbed the story line away from the lions of the IT security industry.With the annual RSA Conference set to begin, the whistle blowing site Wikileaks released the first of some five million e-mail messages stolen from the security intelligence firm Stratfor. Ever sensitive to the fickle attention of the media, Anonymous inserted itself into the story, claiming responsibility for leaking the data and pointing a finger of blame at Stratfor and its media, private and public sector customers, which Anonymous accuses of spying and other dark offenses.

This has turned out to be an interesting week for privacy. Just a few days after the White House laid out is privacy agenda, the California attorney general has announced an agreement with several major mobile platform providers, including Apple and Google, that will have the companies provide privacy statements for apps before users download them.

Apple has pushed back the deadline for developers to include a sandbox in all of the apps on the Mac App Store, giving them a reprieve until June 1. The deadline was set for March 1, but Apple has changed it in order to give developers more time to work with the new requirements.

Context is a funny thing. In most segments of society, Apple is seen as an exemplary company, with an unrivaled record of innovation, much-admired ad campaigns and a stock price that is the envy of every company not named Google. But in the security community, Apple is regarded with some combination of disbelief, confusion and the disdain that once was reserved for Microsoft. 

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