Mobile Security

New E-Banking Trojans Target Android Users

The security firm Trusteer reports that new Web-based attacks are targeting Android smartphone users in a campaign to circumvent two-factor sign-on features used by many banks to protect account holders.

Google Disputes Claim of Android Botnet

Google is disputing statements from researchers at Microsoft and Sophos who this week warned that Android devices were sending spam through compromised Yahoo Mail accounts. In response, both now say they are further investigating their earlier claims.

New Trojan Spreading On App Store and Google Play

A new Trojan that uploads users’ phonebooks to a remote server is making the rounds, circulating on both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play marketplaces, according to research by Kaspersky Lab posted on the Securelist web site earlier today.

It’s nearly impossible to remember now, but there was a time when the iPhone didn’t exist. That time was five years and one day ago, and up to that point the idea of standing in line overnight for a mobile phone was almost as ridiculous as the notion of Apple being thought of as an innovator in security. But the former is now commonplace and the latter is straight fact, if only in discussions about the iPhone.

Text messages are great, but they have the annoying property of being out of the sender’s control as soon as they’re sent. That’s resulted in all kinds of fun for the Internet, and it’s also presented a big opportunity for a security company to pick up the slack and impose some sanity and privacy on these communications. A new start-up called Wickr is aiming to do just that with a mobile app that enables users to send anonymous, encrypted texts, photos and videos that self-destruct after a set time period and leave no trace for snoops.

Summer travel season is well under way and considering the increasingly common reports detailing device seizures and data searches at international borders, you want to be very careful about the things you travel with.

Many people would consider themselves lucky to be a part of one successful start-up company, but for a select group of entrepreneurs, engineers and executives, that’s just the beginning. Such is the case for the team behind new mobile security firm Bluebox, a stealth-mode company that counts SPI Dynamics founder Caleb Sima and Adam Ely, a former top security official at and Disney among its key executives and has just raised $9.5 million in funding.

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