Mobile Security

Path Reverses Course After Revelation That App Uploads User Contacts

After a researcher discovered that any person who decides to download the Path app onto their mobile device is unknowingly sending their address book to a server belonging to the social network and photo-sharing service without prior notification, the company has released a new version of the app that asks people to opt in to that behavior.

Google Releases Beta of Chrome for Android

Google has released an initial beta of Chrome for Android devices, and the new mobile browser includes a full set of security and privacy functions. The new mobile version of Chrome has the sandbox functionality that has been so important in the desktop browser, as well as a strict permission model for mobile apps.

After a couple of years of seeing headlines announcing a steady stream of pieces of malware and trojaned apps appearing the Android Market, Google finally has taken steps to find and remove malicious apps from the market automatically. The company has unveiled a service called Bouncer that scans apps and looks for known malware as well as potentially malicious behavior.

Security firm Symantec is sounding the alarm about a mobile device threat they call ‘Counterclank,’ a Trojan horse program that they say may have infected as many as five million devices through downloads on the Official Android Market. However, other security researchers aren’t so sure, and wonder whether Counterclank isn’t anything more than an aggressive advertising campaign.

In a decision that was closeley watched by civil liberties group and the technology industry, the Supreme Court has ruled unanimously that GPS tracking devices constitute a “search” and that authorities must obtain a warrant before placing one on a suspect’s vehicle.

A fake version of the popular Camera+ iPhone application was offered on Apple’s App Store over the weekend, according to a post by Glyn Evans on the iPhoneography blog on Saturday, just the latest example of suspicious and malicious applications to slip through Apple’s shadowy application vetting project.

Less than three weeks after releasing a new jailbreak for iPhones running iOS 5.01, a team of researchers has now published a similar tool for jailbreaking the iPhone 4S and iPad2. The Absinthe jailbreak tool will allow users to run unsigned code on their devices and load apps from places other than the iTunes App Store.

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