Google Asks FISA Court to Allow it to Publish Data on Government Requests

Saying that inaccurate media reports about the PRISM program have damaged the company’s reputation, Google has asked the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for permission to publish the number of requests the company gets for user data under various parts of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Citing the First Amendment, Google’s lawyers say that there is […]

A group of eight senators from both parties have introduced a new bill that would require the attorney general to declassify as many of the rulings of the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court as possible as a way of bringing into the sunlight much of the law and opinion that guides the government’s surveillance efforts.

A group of people, including a former federal prosecutor and the parents of a Navy SEAL sniper killed in action, have filed a class-action law suit against the National Security Agency, Verizon and President Obama over the NSA’s collection of cell phone data. The suit says the order that enabled the surveillance program is “the broadest surveillance order to ever have been issued” and enables indiscriminate collection of data.

The top U.S. intelligence official addressed the recent revelations about the National Security Agency’s covert cell-phone and email data collection surveillance programs on Thursday, saying that the programs have been ongoing for years, are fully authorized under U.S. law and that the leaks regarding the programs are “reprehensible” and could endanger the country’s national security.

We were warned. Over and over again. Not just by privacy advocates and by security experts and by civil liberties organizations and by the guy on the corner in the tin foil hat shouting about the government intercepting his brain waves. We were warned by some of the very people charged with overseeing the administration’s efforts to expand its domestic intelligence gathering capabilities. We were warned by politicians.

As the anti-government protests in Turkey have escalated in the last few days, privacy activists and security experts have begun working on ways to help people inside Turkey get reliable access to the Internet and privacy tools such as Tor. A security researcher over the weekend released a new tool called Lahana that enables users […]

REDMOND, Wash.–If one were to draw up a list of the most challenging jobs in the technology industry, chief privacy officer at Microsoft likely would be pretty near the top of it. For a company with the size and scope of Microsoft, the volume of potential privacy issues is nearly endless, and if someone is calling you for help, something has probably gone wrong.

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