iPad 2 Smart Cover Trick Can Crack Locked Device

A hole in the locking feature of  iPad 2 could allow anyone to access to data and applications on a locked device, according to a recent report from 9to5mac.com. The bypass involves an intricate sequence of steps using the iPad 2’s Smart Cover, an accessory that magnetically folds over the tablet, to work around the device’s Lock screen.

JBoss Worm Exploiting Old Bug to Infect Unpatched Servers

There is a new worm circulating right now that is compromising servers running older versions of the JBoss Application Server and then adding them to a botnet. The worm also attempts to install a remote access tool in order to give the attacker control over the newly infected server.

Amid an increase in defacements of legitimate websites over the past few weeks, Fraser Howard, a researcher from Sophos, has discovered that the groups behind the attacks are increasingly using sophisticated filtering and dynamic content to avoid detection by search engines and web filtering firms.

By Alex GostevFirst of all, we feel it necessary to clarify some of the confusion surrounding the files and their names related to this incident. To get a full understanding of the situation you only need to know that we’re talking about just two malicious programs here (at a minimum) – the main module and a keylogger. All that has been mentioned in last 24 hours about connections between Duqu and Stuxnet is related mostly to the first one – the main module.

The last couple of years have seen a rise in the volume of malware targeted specifically at various mobile operating systems, including Android, iOS and Symbian. Getting a handle on exactly how much of that mobile malware is actually infecting users has been a bit difficult, but Microsoft researchers have found that many mobile malware samples also show up on the desktop for various reasons, giving them a view into the prevalence of malware on key platforms.

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