Mozilla Issues Critical Firefox Security Bulletins

Mozilla has released Firefox 3.5.4 with fixes for a wide range of serious security vulnerabilities.The most serious issue could allow a malicious hacker to take complete control of a computer by simply tricking a user into visiting a rigged Web page.  In all, Mozilla released 11 advisories, six rated critical. Here’s a list of the security vulnerabilities being addressed:

CNN iReport: ToorCon Hacker Conference

At the ToorCon San Diego conference, a CNN iReporter talks with security professionals about basic security issues and then see Marty Morrow escape from handcuffs without a key!

Researchers scanning the internet for vulnerable embedded devices have
found nearly 21,000 routers, webcams and VoIP products open to remote
attack, due to the fact that their administrative interfaces are
publicly viewable from anywhere on the internet and their owners have
failed to change the manufacturer’s default password.  Read the full story [Wired/Kim Zetter]

Guest Editorial by Christofer HoffThere have been many disruptive innovations
in the history of modern computing, each of them in some way impacting
how we create, interact with, deliver, and consume information. The
platforms and mechanisms used to process, transport, and store our
information likewise endure change, some in subtle ways and others

If your cash card gets eaten by the automated-teller machine, it may not end up in the hands of a bank employee.European financial institutions are seeing a sharp rise in card “trapping,” where criminals use various tricks in order to capture and retrieve a person’s ATM card for fraudulent use.  Read the full story [IDG News Service/Jeremy Kirk] 

Microsoft Windows 7 is on its way tomorrow, and it is bringing with it a set of security features Microsoft hopes will appeal to enterprises.The Windows 7 security story has three main chapters that have received a fair amount of attention – DirectAccess, BitLocker To Go and AppLocker. With these, capabilities like Branchcache and enhancements to features like user account control (UAC), officials at Microsoft feel they are pushing out their most secure operating system yet. Read the full story [eWEEK/Brian Prince]

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