Ryan Naraine

Critical Adobe Reader X Patches On Deck

Adobe will join Microsoft on the security patch treadmill next Tuesday (February 8, 2011) with “critical” updates for code execution holes in its flagship Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat products.

Microsoft Readies ‘Critical’ Windows, IE Patches

As part of this month’s Patch Tuesday schedule, Microsoft plans to ship a dozen bulletins with fixes for 22 vulnerabilities, some serious enough to allow hackers complete access to a vulnerable Windows machine.According to Microsoft’s advance notice, three of the 12 bulletins will carry be rated “critical,” the company’s highest severity rating.

Microsoft is planning another massive Patch Tuesday this month: 17 bulletins with fixes for 40 security vulnerabilities.

The December batch of patches will cover security holes in Microsoft Windows, Office, Internet Explorer, SharePoint and Exchange, according to an advance notice posted Thursday.

The open-source Linux operating system contains a serious security flaw that can be exploited to gain superuser rights on a target system.The vulnerability, in the Linux implementation of the Reliable Datagram Sockets (RDS) protocol, affects unpatched versions of the Linux kernel, starting from 2.6.30, where the RDS protocol was first included.