Dave Aitel on the Sony Hack

Dave Aitel, sony hack, north korea

Dennis Fisher and security expert Dave Aitel discuss the Sony hack and why it makes sense for North Korea to be responsible for it.

Dennis Fisher talks with Dave Aitel of Immunity about the Sony hack, who he believes is responsible for it, what the consequences are and what the attack could mean for the way the U.S. government and private companies think about security in the future.

Download: digital_underground_175.mp3

Music by Chris Gonsalves


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  • Luke on

    Sony Pictures didn't exactly have great DLP procedures in place to lose terabytes of data so are partly to blame. Additionally, this is not a terrorist attack or act of war, Sony Pictures is a private company owned by a Japanese firm. USA preformed a terrorist attack on Iran when it used Stuxnet which WAS created on US government orders.

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