Microsoft Releases Updated MS13-036 Patch

Microsoft has released a new version of the MS13-036 patch that was causing some customers’ machines to crash. The company had recommended in the days after the original fix was first released that customers uninstall the MS13-036 patch while Microsoft investigated the cause of the problems.

The new fix that Microsoft released on Tuesday resolves some conflicts with third-party applications that apparently were causing the blue screen issues for some people. The company didn’t specify which software was causing the crashes, but said that the update should resolve the problems.

“We’ve determined that the update, when paired with certain third-party software, can cause system errors,” said Trustworthy Computing group manager Dustin Childs at the time that the patch was recalled earlier this month.

The MS13-036 patch fixes a pair of race condition vulnerabilities in the Windows kernel, both of which could be used for code execution. However, the patch was rated important rather than critical because an attacker would need physical access to a vulnerable machine in order to run code using one of these bugs.

Childs said in a blog post Tuesday that customers should install the revised update as soon as possible.

“As we previously discussed, we stopped distributing this update when we learned some customers were having issues. The new update, KB2840149, still addresses the Moderate security issue described in MS13-036, and should not cause these issues. If you have automatic updates enabled, you won’t need to take any actions. For those manually updating, we encourage you to apply this update at your earliest convenience,” he said.

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  • cher on

    Hi, As far as I can tell after being directed to microsoft xp page via link, there is no support for my xp pro system. I simply cant afford to update now. Does anyone have a suggestion as to whether or how this affects my system and what if anything I should do. Microsoft doesnt apparently. Thanks for any advice...other than to update. I have several vistas, none of which are operable at this time; I need this desktop for my photography and cant upgrade my OS now. Most of my software would simply not work. My Mother Board that wa on here beforer may be able to be reinsntalled, I have no idea but my luck with a vista 32 and a 64 bit has been bad to say the least.
  • RC on

    I know that the original update (kb2823324 specifically) had to be removed from ALL our workstations running Kaspersky AV 6.0.4. Every machine started running checkdsk on bootup and Kaspersky refused to run on each workstation due to an 'invalid license' error. As soon as kb2823324 was uninstalled both issues went away. I can only assume kb2823324 affected other 3rd party programs as well, you should be able to get more information from a keyword search for the kb article on MS web site.
  • RS on

    Many of us share your issue. I have $1500.00 negative and slide scanner that stopped running sometime around XP2. It's an HP. They stopped supporting it about 2 months after purchase. I reloaded the original XP2 that I purchased when I built this workstation. I run it off line exclusivewly. All my software works like a charm. I use Linux Mint Cinnamon on a system I built two years ago exclusively for online file access. I use a W7 laptop that has been heavily modified to make it somewhat useable and productive. I despise the MS "Computer Toys" they are now pushing. W8 is a disaster. A very poorly designed toy for children and they're mini toys. W7 is a modified Vista that they made a bit more use full. As far as Microsoft is concerned, I'm convinced they are in their death throws. Apple is WORSE than MS. Android is a sick pathetic joke and broken. Use at your very real risk. What's left? Linux. I'm liking the version mentioned earlier. The more it's deployed, the more the apps will surface. No monopoly here. Issues? Yes. Nowhere as bad as the MS/Apple grip lock.
  • DavidH on

    Wasn't the problem patch only a problem for Windows-7 users. My understanding is that XP was not affected.
  • seg on

    We had a problem with this, but it isn't one I've seem a lot of others complain of. We kept getting out machines forced into running chkdsk every time they booted. Removing the update fixed the issue, but not before I spent a good two hours trying to figure out what had happened and why.
  • rs is wrong on

    @rs google makes android, not apple

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