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Podcast: Learning to ‘Speak the Language’ of OT Security Teams

Andrew Ginter, VP Industrial Security at Waterfall Security Solutions, talks about the differing priorities between IT and OT security teams as industrial control systems become connected.

Andrew ginter

Andrew Ginter, VP Industrial Security at Waterfall Security Solutions.

Information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) may have many of the same objectives – but too often they don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to top priorities, said Andrew Ginter, VP Industrial Security at Waterfall Security Solutions.

In the IT world, is it all about protecting the information – and IT teams have assumed that the same is true in the OT security world, Ginter said. However, IT teams are recently beginning to realize that OT teams actually have a different top priority: Safety.

“What’s recently emerged is the realization that some of these concepts don’t translate directly into the OT world,” said Ginter in a recent podcast interview. “In the OT world the number one priority is not confidentiality, it’s not protecting information, the number one priority… is safety.”

Ginter talks to Threatpost podcast host Cody Hackett about the different security priorities of IT and OT, how OT environments can better secure their networks and the top OT security challenges he’s seeing in the trenches at power plants and industrial environments.

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