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Simplifying Proactive Defense With Threat Playbooks

FortiGuard Labs’ Derek Manky talks about how threat playbooks can equip defense teams with the tools they need to fight back against evolving attacker TTPs.

Security defense strategy can be extremely complex, with security teams grappling with tens of thousands of information points and evolving attacker techniques, said Derek Manky, Chief of Security Insights & Global Threat Alliances at Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs.

Derek Manky

FortiGuard Labs has created threat playbooks to help companies deal with this complexity, by exposing attack techniques utilized by attackers (including Indicators of Compromise and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures). These adversary playbooks – such as a recent playbook about a JavaScript RAT targeting verticals in the governmental monetary and financial sectors in Asia – give defense teams the tools to combat specific types of threats, said Manky.

“When we talk about what we’re doing to be more proactive, we really have to think ‘real world’ – what’s happening in the real world today, what are the new things that are being created, how do we stay on the cutting edge, how do we follow all these APT groups and cybercrime groups, and the new tools they’re creating,” said Manky.

In this week’s Threatpost Podcast, Manky talks to Threatpost host Cody Hackett about cyber defense trends from this past year, and how companies can keep up with constantly-evolving attacker tactics.

Listen to the full podcast below or download direct here.

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