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Podcast: Vendors, Suppliers, Partners – Oh My! Who Will Increase Your Risk of Account Takeover?

In this sponsored podcast, Threatpost talks to Spycloud’s Chip Witt about the account takeover risks posed by third parties. 

Your users’ login credentials are available for sale on the criminal underground — and criminals know it. For the third year running, the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Report calls out the use of weak and stolen credentials as the most common hacking tactic.

This podcast is sponsored by SpyCloud

This podcast is sponsored by SpyCloud

The best way to protect your organization is to reset stolen employee and consumer credentials before criminals have a chance to use them against you. But what about partners and vendors, who may have access to your network, your customer data, or your IP? If you have these types of direct relationships, you may have additional exposures.

In this sponsored podcast, Threatpost podcast host Cody Hackett talks to Chip Witt, head of product strategy at SpyCloud, about the account takeover risks posed by third parties. For more information from Spycloud about the operationalization of data, click here.

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