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Rapid Incident Response Now Available through Cynet’s Free IR Service Providers Offering

Cynet’s 360 platform is ready out-of-the-box, for fast, easy deployment across all endpoints.

Organizations are increasingly outsourcing incident response situations to service providers. This is taking place across the spectrum – from cyber mature companies with highly staffed SOCs, to small operations with no dedicated security personnel. This keeps the IR providers busy, putting the onus on them to maintain highest level services while being able to scale quickly.

With this in mind, Cynet is making available a unique offering for IR service providers, giving them free access to the Cynet 360 platform to accurately and rapidly identify, analyze and remediate threats on their customers’ environments during incident response situations. IR providers can now sign up and immediately get access to the platform for free.

“With the Cynet 360 platform, Incident Response professionals get exceptional speed and accuracy, two crucial aspects of incident response,” said Cynet co-founder and president Eyal Gruner – himself a leading expert in offensive security and IR. “The platform gives them immediate visibility into all activity across the organization, enabling them to easily and accurately home in on and remediate malicious presences, returning the system to its previous clean state.” Gruner presents Cynet as the fastest IR tool on the market, with highest accuracy, and is providing for free to incident responders as a hands-on way of introducing them the tool.

As most security professionals are aware, speed is of essence in IR, where every second can mean additional damage throughout the organization. When a breach is underway, until the attacker is identified, the damage assessed, and all malicious items and activity purged – an Incident Responders work is not complete.

The work of an IR service provider is crucial to the safe daily functions of the organizational network, and requires that they carry out thorough forensics into the entire internal network, including every endpoint, which can number in the tens of thousands, all user accounts and network traffic. With most IR toolsets, though, these investigations must be carried out manually, and, while relying on drawn-out workflows.

Cynet’s 360 platform is ready out-of-the-box, for fast, easy deployment across all endpoints. IR providers get immediate visibility into all the activity in the network – all from one user-friendly dash, and very different from most security tools which require manual installation on every individual endpoint.

With Cynet 360, IR service providers get:

  • Immediate time-to-value – Cynet 360 enables fast, reliable onboarding of the IR provider, so that they can quickly analyze and clean the organizational environment, scaling as needed, and returning their clients a clean, functioning environment.
  • Full network visibility in 60-minutes – Incident data correlation and analysis is automated, including event prioritization, risk ranking for every host, process, user account and network destinations.
  • Active Threat Detection – Cynet raises a real-time alert, for any active threat within the network – this includes malicious file execution, attacker-controlled traffic and other post-compromise malicious activity.
  • Threat remediation – Cynet gives users multiple remediation capabilities, ensuring the broadest types of actions and in the remediation toolset to apply to infected endpoints, malicious processes/files, compromised user accounts and attacker-controlled traffic.
Cynet Custom Remediations

Cynet Custom Remediations

Cynet Environment Visibility

Cynet Environment Visibility

“This is major,” said Gruner. “We’re giving IR professionals a free tool that can actually make a difference in how they handle incidents – immediate visibility, quickly scaling at immense volume, rapid remediation. We look forward to mainstream adoption of the Cynet 360 platform as soon as the word gets around and are happy to be helping incident responders get the job done.”

Read more on the Cynet Respond at the Speed of Light free offer here.

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