The FBI has arrested three suspected members of the hacker group LulzSec, according to published reports.

Fox News broke the story of the arrests on Tuesday, citing unnamed FBI officials saying that law enforcement agents closed in on top members of the group LulzSec Tuesday morning using information supplied by a LulzSec leader known as Sabu, who has been secretly working with the government and informing on the group.

“Sabu” has been identified as Hector Xavier Monsegur, a 28 year-old father of two who lived in a public housing project on New York’s Lower East Side. Fox reported that Monsegur pleaded guilty Aug. 15 to 12 hacking-related charges. A criminal case naming him as a defendent was filed in U.S. Federal Court in New York on June 11, 2011, when he was reportedly arrested. Information documenting his work with the government and admissions is expected to be unsealed in Southern District Court on Tuesday.

According to reports, Sabu provided information necessary to arrest or additionally charge other senior members of LulzSec including top members “Kayla” (aka Ryan Ackroyd) and “Topiary,” (aka Jake Kavis), both of London, UK. Also charged were “pwnsauce,” (aka Darren Martyn) and “palladium,” aka Donncha O’Cearbhaill, both of Ireland, and “Anarchaos,” aka Jeremy Hammond of Chicago. 

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