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  1. Renee

    I’m wondering if anyone is brave enough to have a class action lawsuit again Google for deliberately ignoring the problem, thereby putting billions at risk for both financial and identity theft?

  2. Matt H

    In my opinion, the most noteworthy issue is the lack of security patching releases by device manufacturers. Google (Alphabet) should devise new release of Android that allows security patching of their operating system independent of device specific support elements added by device vendors. Until this is done, the vast majority of Android devices will be continued to be used despite severe flaws with the expectation that that is just what you should expect.

  3. BT7474

    My review written for another article applies to this page also I have copied and pasted my comment to this article also below:

    Far too little, far too late.

    Google and Partners are still in a state of denial:
    How many people out of about 95% = 950 million Android Devices do you think have got the expertise to find Stagefright, especially when it can delete any trace of itself actually infecting a person’s Android Device.

    If Google was that competent with the number of experts it has then why didn’t it find it in the first place?

    Why did Google and its Partners took far too long to provide a solution to consumers, and also how much longer (months years ever receiving) a proper solution?

    It appears that the security services have been using Stagefright for years: It is about time that Google and Partners woke up and smelt the coffee:

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