Threatpost Poll: Do You Hate Facebook?

Weigh in on Facebook and privacy in our short poll.

Facebook is under fire again after a bombshell report went live, claiming it has had broad data-sharing arrangements with Amazon, Apple, Netflix and others for years. We’re wondering if this changes how you use Facebook in your everyday life.

An exhaustive investigation in the New York Times on Tuesday said that Facebook reportedly gave 150+ tech companies,  including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Spotify and Netflix, access to users’ data, including names, friends’ profile information and even private Facebook messages.

The news follows on the heels of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and other reports of Facebook harvesting and sharing people’s data without their knowledge.

How does this latest big headline change your attitudes towards Facebook? Or does it? Take our short, four-question poll to make your feelings known, and don’t forget to comment below if you’d like to elaborate.





Thanks for participating! Make sure to check back to this page to see the developing poll results.

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  • antuketot76 on

    Can't see the question above
  • Chris on

    I've been moving toward alternative social media sites, two of which I like - and
  • Anonymous on

    It is sad: Many companies use facebook as their only public communication channel.
  • John Nelson on

    In all likelihood, I will be shutting down my Facebook account. What value I get out of it is outweighed by my disgust at the company's callous abuse of my trust.
  • Hugh M on

    Fortunately I never started on Facebook, but I switched back from a Chrome to Firefox (even though I like Chrome’s UX better) and installed some privacy add-ons. I am reducing GMail in favor of an independent, E.U. based, provider. Finally I am contemplating buying a good H.W. router with open source firmware and taking a VPN subscription. That seems about the max one can do as an individual. At this point in time running a (virtual) server with private email and VPN in and out somewhere in the cloud seems to be overkill, unless one has both money and knowledge on how to keep it secure.
  • Hugh M on

    Too true, unfortunately. But then I will not interact with them as I refuse to have a Facebook account...
  • Anonymous on

    There are no words for much I despise Facebook, and always have. I use it as a necessity for the type of business I'm in. I will rejoice the day Facebook ceases to exist and that day cannot come soon enough.
  • Anonymous on

    I cannot see the poll, so I couldn't take it.
  • Anonymous on

    It's a determent to society imo, I don't like it and only have it because the wife wants me to same with Instagram... I really don't care what someone from high school is up to these days... I don't see the point to it really it's meant for ppl who need a pat on the back or for ppl who like to argue (has anyone ever won a FB fight? did you really change that persons opinion??? waste of time and energy) also the energy from FB is negative like the whole concept.
  • PD on

    I had to fire up Opera in order to interact with the poll. My guess is that one or more of my Firefox security measures has blocked the poll from appearing.
  • Anonymous on

    FB is a (PII) data sucking and sharing app that is essentially unregulated with your information. Want That?
  • Anonymous on

    If you don't see the poll it is because of your ad blocker. Could be another plugin. But, in my case it was the ad blocker.
  • George on

    The approach of "not interacting" with Facebook is not likely to be possible. Even if you don't have account, chances are you're interacting with them right now without realizing it.
  • Photon on

    We need a social network that does not have access to our messages, like some e-mail companies are already doing. We need human rights laws and constitutional privacy defense laws to protect us from this outrageous abuses from all of the big companies including phone companies and the laws should be strict to the point of closing down companies. Fines will not do it, they have money... Otherwise all of this situation is going to get worse pretty soon, abuse after abuse becoming "normal". The business model can be advertising but targeted as an option, not but by default.
  • Fred Rogers on

    Eliminate the centralized "web sites", and limit messaging to actually messages between computers and/or phones. If everything is encrypted, then no central server should be able to access it
  • Tam on

    The problem is they gave a false sense of you being in control of your data by their complicated privacy settings. Then betrayed everyone by sharing the info. How can we carefully monitor our privacy if they lie and steal.
  • IHateZuckerberg on

    Facebook is a stupid algorithmic fascist censor. F Zuckerberg
  • eric whitfield on

    I totally agree on that!

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