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Economics of 0-Day Disclosures: The Good, Bad and Ugly

UPCOMING: March 24 @ 2-3pm ET: Threatpost webinar on how the zero-day bug economy works and why understanding it can keep your company safe.

The way vulnerabilities are disclosed shape the behavior of security teams and attackers themselves. The process poses an existential risk for companies dependent on their own and third-party code.

Understanding the economics and motivations behind zero-day bug discoveries needs to be a priority for cybersecurity professionals for identifying and defending against emerging threats.

Threatpost is joined by panel of bug bounty experts and zero-day researchers who discuss current disclosure rules, policies and the myriad of proposed vulnerability disclosure frameworks.

This webinar is ideal for any company managing their own bug bounty program, pen tester and bug bounty hunters who want to know more about the economics behind software vulnerabilities.

Takeaways will include:

  • Vulnerability buyers and sellers and how pricing is determined.
  • Best practices for internal security teams working with outside researchers.
  • Best practices for outside researchers working with internal security teams.

True stories from security experts will outline how disclosure can be done exceptionally well and sometimes disastrously.

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