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Multi-Cloud Security and Visibility: An Intro to OSquery and CloudQuery

WATCH ON DEMAND: Discover the fundamentals of open-source OSquery. Then dive into CloudQuery, a tool for security, IT, and DevOps teams to leverage the power of SQL-based analytics to better protect against cloud attacks.

Cybersecurity for multi-cloud environments is notoriously challenging. That makes CloudQuery, an open-source tool built on the principles of OSquery, an attractive cloud security option.

Just as OSquery helps security teams identify attacks on the thousands of machines used across a company’s campus, CloudQuery – an OSquery extension – delivers the same for the cloud and multi-cloud infrastructures.

In this on-demand Town Hall, sponsored by Uptycs, Eric Kaiser, Sr. Security Engineer at Uptycs, discusses how CloudQuery can help ground your cloud-security playbook.

Hosted by Threatpost’s Becky Bracken, the session covers the basics of the open-source OSquery project, and will introduce CloudQuery and KubeQuery – two open-source extensions to OSquery.

Kaiser will also provide examples of investigative workflows, using telemetry from cloud-based hosts and cloud infrastructure.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • The basics of OSquery , CloudQuery, and KubeQuery — powerful, open-source tools that normalize security telemetry from hosts, containers and the cloud
  • How these open-source tools can help implement standards such as the CIS Benchmarks for AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Examples of how blue teams and auditing teams can use these tools to identify risk and detect threats in cloud and container environments

This on-demand session provides an introduction to OSquery, then focuses on how to get started using CloudQuery. Learn to leverage SQL-based analytics to probe AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform environments for security and compliance insights, too.

Eric Kaiser, Sr. Security Engineer, UptycsEric Kaiser, Sr. Security Engineer, Uptycs

Kaiser is a Security Engineer at Uptycs, focused on endpoint and cloud security. He has a deep passion for system-level security, and in his spare time is an amateur motorcycle rider and mechanic, a runner and an avid traveler.


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